120 years?!? 11 prior felonies?!? πŸ€”

Here the damn article! Now the creditable of the source?! Hell I guess as good as the crackhead offering Blowjobs before your local Kroger’s. My question is how does one gain so many felonies from the past and just now get this buttttttt the Judge in Hot Springs Arkansas forgot his whole baby in the car like a forgotten pizza in the oven after a long night of Mary Jane enjoyment. Idk about this one!


provided TheCabin.net site

One thought on “120 years?!? 11 prior felonies?!? πŸ€”

  1. 120 years too long yeah he was fucked up but who more fucked him for forgetting or them for throwing him away like old pizza??? Prison doesnt make you wise it makes you coldπŸ’―. #factsπŸ‘‘


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