Yeah! You seen the title right! Starlito is at Post Malone’s neck about taking shit from his song he did awhile back called “Allen Iverson” but forgets his homeboy finesse an Arkansas rapper by the name of Freeza Boy (ex song “Borrow Yo Bit*h”)! I guess his memory isn’t working well to remember that! Don’t get me wrong I rock with Don Trip tough and put him in my top rappers but come on son! Let’s be real!  Here’s XXL’s article below

Only reason I’m saying anything is because it’s only right fam! I refuse to continue to allow out of town rappers to jack our style here in Arkansas but act like we’re behind on shit. Here’s a small window!

Here’s Freeza Boy’s hit  Lucid Dreams


But this ain’t the first time a Tennessee rapper made his way over that river to bite a sound! Ask Juciy J! Last year they made a stand against him proforming here. That nigga had more bodyguards then Trump were at a black panther meeting! Now I could be wrong but Yo Gotti was questioned about what he did as well! Y’all remember this song


Tell me it ain’t similar to my guy from Blytheville Jun Tao Playarific

I could be wrong but my guy released his song before Gotti did! Also Gotti could’ve already did the song before and just waited to release it. Who’s know 🤔 This goes back to what I said about underground artists protecting their music! These big names are watching and waiting to use content!


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