The UglyReggie Network is a media platform that give light and a voice to the people of the natural state of Arkansas. We thrive to get our best service and opinion to help shape the culture of our home state. We are not limited to only Arkansas as our only place of business; we plan to show our talent to the nation then one day the world.

Our team



Just a guy from a small town attempting to give a platform to the people in Arkansas all the while finding my voice in this social media game of life!



I was born April 13, 1990. I have been through a lot of crazy things trying to find my path in the world. I started hustling at a young age. I did not like the way the ending of that path looked so I joined the military hoping I could have a better way and maybe play football when I got back home. I was shipped off to Afghanistan where I hurt my back, so I came home not knowing what my future will hold. I met Reggie and he told me about his vision and I thought it would be dope to try to help people with our voice and actions and now we have a lot of different things stemming.