Arkansas Rapper’s message to anyone looking to book rapper Scotty Cain in the near future!

An Arkansas rapper by the name of Lil Jackson from Malvern is coming for another rapper from Louisiana named Scotty Cain! Apparently, this situation started from Instagram over a comment Jackson made on Scotty’s page and Scotty replied with (As seen below) (Lil Jackson is @jack_da_sliverback)


This is where the shit went sideways! Now I’m sure you’re wondering who the fuck is Jackson but he has some hits and starting to gain some attention in the southern part of Arkansas.  I believe a few of you know who Scotty is from his NBA YoungBoy’s diss. Now here’s the funny shit Scotty said about Jackson on his Facebook (Seen below)


Then Scotty replied with this pump fake. Lol (seen under this)


Honestly, I hope this doesn’t get too reckless where lives are in danger but I’m down to see a  good one on one or some rap beef! Jackson let promoters know if you book him he’s fucking the event up! He hit this nigga with the “No Fly Zone” lol Nothing probably will come of this beef but it’s fucking funny as shit.  Here’s Lil Jackson warning to future promoters

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