Dj Smallz Eyes during a interview “Throws Shots at Talent in Arkansas”

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DB79A148-705F-48F2-BC67-96FCA7C57D7EThe Dj who goes by Dj Smallz who hosted a gang of great mixtapes by the name “Southern Smoke” with some dope rapper from all over! Now he is hosting his own Sirius XM/Satellite Radio on DISH Network show,  called “Southern Smoke Radio” which is doing well. He also does an interview with all types of entertainers along with rappers & singers and allow them to tell their stories about themselves. Well he did an interview with some artists from our great state of Arkansas and in this interview he ask a set of questions that has Arkansas musicians feeling some type of way.

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Now a lot artist didn’t like the way he asked them the question as if Arkansas has no talent but even more artists are pissed off because they have no idea who these young men are and felt as if they didn’t represent the state well and were almost disrespectful by not having knowledge on some booming artists here. He came by the spot and did a podcast with us. It’s funny at the time I didn’t have knowledge of this interview so I didn’t get a chance to ask him about the questioning and just get in depth.

Click the link below for the Podcast (It’s also a link to the full audio on the video) 


Everyone is upset about what he said but how can we be mad because nobody in the is openly claiming Arkansas and attempting to open up the pipeline. See what old heads are failing to understand is nobody really cares about your track record or what you did! What needs to happen is we need to share experiences with each other and educate one another. We also need to truly support and believe we are the shit and stop making outside upcoming artist hot and allowing them to eat off us and then forget us.

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