Just being thankful for the great Rev Lawrence Echols

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IMG_2361It was kind of hard to listen to this song because like most we all were touched and affected by Rev Echols positive soul! It’s two things that stuck with me and haunts me to this day. All the while my grandfather struggle with his inter demons when more turned their backs Rev Echols never lost the faith. Even referring to him as his son and helping him find work when things were slow. The second thing was when my great grandmother passed we all took it hard but I remember at the funeral I remember they had to carry him out because his emotions had over taken him tough! To see how hard he was taking this and how much he loved her and how this was effecting him blow me away! He and mother Echols loved my granny dearly and she was always at their home. So Chris and Jeff doing this song was only right and growing up with both of them they put a special touch on the song only an Echols can do!


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