My thoughts on the Steve Stephens situation in Cleveland and I don’t give a f*ck if you agree!

A few people have asked me my thoughts on this situation and how do I feel about it. Well I waited for more details and to put my thoughts together before speaking and here it is. What Steve did was some coward sh*t and his ending was deserving! End of story! But what I’m listening to is where the man stated “No one ever takes me seriously.” Look I’m not sure if you understand how dangerous that statement is. What a person  is willing to do to be taken seriously is mind boggling and scary thing! This situation is a example of why we should listen to people when they are attempting to say something! Yeah. I’m sure all of you are saying “He didn’t have to do that.” or “If he felt that way why didn’t he take his issue up with his ex?” And I’m here to tell you logically that would have made sense but not everybody thinks nor process information the same. Here’s something I said on Facebook under a friend’s status about this situation

“The fact that the older gentlemen lost his life is f*cked up and Steve needs to pay! But the bigger picture here is when someone is needing help we need to listen! Just because we won’t go around killing people to solve our problem doesn’t mean others don’t see it that way! A f*cked up perception is real! If we know everybody isn’t the same and doesn’t think the same but we expect them to handle pain the same?”

I’m not saying what Steve did was ok at all nor am I making excuses for him! I’m not using the ‘Mental Illness” card either. But hey! Y’all got the answers to everything and you know what’s best

Also Omega Psi Phi has released a respond. Which they can’t be held responsible for his negative activities outside the corporation. The site BlackLoop felt as if the corporation should do something nice since someone that was apart of their frat did this but I don’t believe so. It would be a nice gesture but they shouldn’t have to do it. But that’s me!


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