One of the hottest Instagram page from Arkansas! You need to follow ASAP!!!

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To find some gorgeous women you need to leave Arkansas! Well that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth with Arkansas’s Queens! The women on this page not only are a well representation of our black culture but they are drop dead gorgeous with more then just an outer appearance to offer! Also there isn’t just one type on the page there are all type of shades and sizes! I love the page because it’s connecting women all over the state and its helping them embrace themselves and connecting their businesses! In a society that’s consistently bashing women and picking them apart for every little thing it’s refreshing to see someone taking a stand and unity women in our very own home state!

I got a chance to speak with the person who runs the page and let them know I wanted to blog about them and to congratulate them on a beautiful job done and this is what they replied with!

“ 🙏🏽 Greatly appreciated, just trying to challenge some culture misconceptions lol Encouraging our Queens to be Multifaceted & Bold. A good contrast to the negative connotations so disproportionately depicted on the telecast. 💯“

How awesome was this is message?! We need more of this!! I wholeheartedly stand with this campaign and behind it!



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