So a 33-year-old​ female teacher caught giving that neck to a former middle schooler she taught last year.

This lovely young lady here in this picture above was a drama teacher until she got caught in the beat seat of her car with a former 8th-grade student she taught. Picture this, she was in the backseat of her car with the child at 2 am and the boy was nude from the waist down. Here’s the kicker! She told the police the boy seduced her?! You’re caught sucking a 15-year-old’s dick and the only thing you can come up with is he seduced you?! Now as you should know I’m all for jokes and laughing but what I seem to notice is the spike in teachers sleeping with students. More adults are choosing to risk it all for young teenagers and this is mind blowing. Something else that bothers me is how ok we are when is comes to young boys getting sexually assaulted. Don’t get me wrong we become upset but not as upset as if it had been a man having sex with a young girl. Hell, we hi-five the boys and wonder why didn’t this happen to us while we were in school. Think about it this way if this were a guy we’d want his dick covered in rare meat and left so wild animals could chew it off! I believe we need to protect our boys more! A lot of us need to realize that sex at an early age can really fuck with your head then for it to be with an adult brings in a whole other issue! Also as the husband how do you take this?! Seriously your old lady gets off on little boys dicks! She was an inspiring actress, so I guess she acted like she like a grown dick! They went so far as to have a Youtube Channel giving advice on relationships and marriage! I don’t want to think about how that’s fucking with his self-esteem. I stated earlier in this story situations like this can really have an effect on us later down the line, but some don’t care! Our community is struggling with a lot of issues to begin and we don’t need this shit!. I understand at the age of 15 is when most of us explore sex and experiment with it but I know for a fact it’s a gang of older fellas her age willing to help her with her wondering mouth. I’m trying to be serious here but her life from here on out is going to suck! “Pun intended” lol.


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