So why won’t you listen to KushZilla

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Allow me to introduce #SMG artist KushZilla! Now yeah I know what you’re thinking but hear me out! This young man has talent and a story to tell and he’s also different. Coming from Dallas,Tx home of the D town boogie and candy paint color cars. South Dallas Oak Cliff to be exact. Yea now I have your attention? I’m sure you’re wondering why the got he name KushZilla from? Maybe he smokes a lot weed? Kush possibly?! WRONG!! There’s a street named Kush he grew up on so he decided to name himself after it. And I lied you were right he does smokes a lot weed. lol! This young man comes from the struggle like most of us all but he attempting to change his situation from himself and mostly his daughter. Now once again I know what you could be thinking. Great another rapper he’s pushing and why should I listen to him? Hell I’m still banging this Kendrick Lamar album I ain’t got time to hear this sh!t. Well your father didn’t have time for your mother when he was chasing whores but he still found time to hit that ass! So give it a try! His flow puts you in the mindset of Wiz Khalifa.

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