Starlito involved​ in a shooting altercation​

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Nashville, Tennessee rapper Starlito can’t get a break apparently from getting choked out like Homer does Bart Simpson on the Simpson to this shit! While dining out with a friend in an East Nashville diner ( whom name is in the link below) a guy walked in and chin checked Starlito’s friend. Now, how fucked up is that? You can’t enjoy the crispiness of some chicken without a nigga trying to test your gangster! Details about the situation are still unknown and niggas ducked the camera like a nigga do child support! The guy that walked in and popped off the fight only suffered a gunshot to the leg and it’s reported he’ll live. I don’t like how they acted like this was some straight gang shit. What would you do if someone hit your friend in the face? Should the guy have been shot? No, but then again I wasn’t there and I don’t know what the shooter life experiences have been to why he shot him but you heard the old man during his NewsChannel 5 interview. He believes everyone should have protection now what that may be used to protect yourself is up to you.

Channel 5’s link to the story is below

Also if you missed the video of the altercation from Starlito and Young Buck here’s a link below to explain that situation


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