I want to shine a light on the group “Proud Black Father” on Facebook

I love this group! To often do black fathers get the bad rap of being deadbeat but this group shines a light on a few good men. Now truly enough just because they are seen in pictures with children doesn’t mean they are taking care of the children but that can be said about women doing the same! So let’s save the hate and support this like y’all support that ratchet sh!t on TV!



The Aaron Hernandez situation smells funny to me! Also STFU about him doing life..We all already knew that! Geez!!!


Look before you jump down my neck hear me out! The man knew he was serving life without the possibility! This ain’t up for discussion! From my understanding the man was convicted & charged back in 2013 or 2014. The double slaying was another situation! So he  beat the double homicide then he celebrated it by hanging himself? No sir! The people around the man stated he was so hopeful about getting his first charge repealed. (seeing how he was doing life in prison WTF else does he has to do?!) Now true enough we don’t know the man’s mental state or he could’ve very well be like f*ck it I’m about to end it all! But the fact he had “John 3:16” in red marker on his forehead doesn’t sound weird the least bit?! Once again he could’ve been thinking “I’m going to blow their minds with this stunt!” If you truly believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you as you read this! Bruh his lawyer gave him hope that his previous sentencing might be appealed! That’s the best news a prisoner can hear! So he’s going to drop the ball by ending it all!? (See what I did there?!) The guilt of what was going on could’ve consumed him and thought this was the only way out. But who am I kidding? Y’all know everything and know all the details. He was running his own “Prison Training Camp” preparing for his chance to be free and return to the NFL does that sound like a person ready to die? I’m sorry but let’s not act like things such as this doesn’t happen in prison where one thing is made to look like another. My condolences goes to the families of everyone in this situation because nobody wins in this ending!





Are black fathers really absent or do we need to look at the numbers again and asks the right question?!

IMG_2396According to these websites the myth of absents black fathers is a lie! So you mean to tell me there are more brothers taking care of their responsibilities then the media let on?!? *Shocked look* if we are going by these numbers (say they hold some truth) then its kills one myth but gives birth to another! Are we being to free with the sex stick and spreading our seeds and waiting until our later years to settle down. Hell I’m not sure! Guess I must continue to look up information on this subject. GREAT more fu*cking reading!