How do you disrespect the people that are gay but you’re caught with more kids on your lap then a mall’s Santa Claus?!

I can’t make this crap up! Seriously! During the Orlando situation where there was an active shooter in a gay club taking people’s lives a pastor ran to twitter and hit us with the “Twitter Fingers” stating they got what they deserved! Ohhhhhh but watch this!! Gets found guilty of three charges of child molestation, three charges of aggravated child molestation, and two charges of enticing a child for indecent purposes. Not just girls but f*ucking BOYS!! Which makes him……..GAYYYYYYYYY!! Now there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual, but to disrespect the ones who lost their lives to a coward then for it to come out you’re gay yourself and preying on children is sad. A suppose to be ordain man of God?! Thank God he was exposed! What’s done on the playground will come to the light!


Hookers’ turned gay man straight with ‘anointed cake” lololol check the video

Only reason I’m reporting this is because bruh I have a lot of questions here!?


Why did he feel comfortable enough to eat the cake?  What was the deciding factor for them to be like “Yeah, We baking him a cake!” Had this bar owner ever had this cake before? To be able to anoint this cake they have had to stop hooking for the minimal of 3 years! You be the judge! lol