Dj Smallz Eyes during a interview “Throws Shots at Talent in Arkansas”

DB79A148-705F-48F2-BC67-96FCA7C57D7EThe Dj who goes by Dj Smallz who hosted a gang of great mixtapes by the name “Southern Smoke” with some dope rapper from all over! Now he is hosting his own Sirius XM/Satellite Radio on DISH Network show,  called “Southern Smoke Radio” which is doing well. He also does an interview with all types of entertainers along with rappers & singers and allow them to tell their stories about themselves. Well he did an interview with some artists from our great state of Arkansas and in this interview he ask a set of questions that has Arkansas musicians feeling some type of way.

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Now a lot artist didn’t like the way he asked them the question as if Arkansas has no talent but even more artists are pissed off because they have no idea who these young men are and felt as if they didn’t represent the state well and were almost disrespectful by not having knowledge on some booming artists here. He came by the spot and did a podcast with us. It’s funny at the time I didn’t have knowledge of this interview so I didn’t get a chance to ask him about the questioning and just get in depth.

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Everyone is upset about what he said but how can we be mad because nobody in the is openly claiming Arkansas and attempting to open up the pipeline. See what old heads are failing to understand is nobody really cares about your track record or what you did! What needs to happen is we need to share experiences with each other and educate one another. We also need to truly support and believe we are the shit and stop making outside upcoming artist hot and allowing them to eat off us and then forget us.


Little Rock, Arkansas​ Ban rap artists from performing in the city.

IMG_2881“I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.” Take a wild guess at what song this bar came from. I bet you’re going to attempt to name a rap song because that shit gets really graphic right?  Wrong! Arkansas’s very own Mr. Johnny Cash wrote that and we all know he doesn’t rap. It’s no secret that rap has strong ties with violence and it’s dangerous lifestyle. Now it didn’t start out that way but through time we lost our way because, in the beginning, it started out positive but got lost in the pursuit of riches. Plus on a drunken weekend at the club who really wants to listen to some uplifting music but that’s not neither here nor there. We want to blame rap music for the spike in crime around our city and to a certain extent we can but when do we hold ourselves accountable? Do we go out and react every movie we see? No, we don’t that’s foolish! We understand movies are just entertainment and that’s it. At times we do have some lost souls that try it and lose out. Why do black people get excited when they believe their favorite artists are living the lives they claim to have in their rhythms but if they get caught and go to jail then we call them dumb for risking it all when they had it all. That mentality needs to die! Also, we need to check these club owners. I understand shit happens and we can’t control everything but 28 shots in a club? That’s unacceptable and fucking crazy! How does that happen? Let me try to guess. Poor security! We need to hire credible people for this job. The number 1 job of a club owner is the safety of the people at your establishment. Also, a dress code needs to be enforced and not that collar t-shirt bullshit either. Bottom line! I won’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a club and I knew for a fact they weren’t checking for guns and you couldn’t count the guns in the building! Lucky I was cool with the people in there so I wasn’t in danger per say but what would’ve happened if someone dropped a gun and it discharged?  I’m saying all this to say we can ban the music all we want but nothing will change! We need better police and people relationships! Us as blacks need to get rid of the “Fuck the police” mindset. Why don’t we get people we know and trust to become cops to protect us because this ” No Snitching” bullshit is killing us and we aren’t winning with it. To clear up some shit it’s a huge difference in snitching and telling information to save your own ass when you’re just as wrong or telling unnecessary details. That’s a lesson for another time. These are small suggest something to get the wheels turning. Those concerts were small ways to help curve crime because it gave people something entertaining. Now we take that away so guess what we have more time to do?