#FreeTaxstone (If he’s innocent)

report from Dj AkademiksIMG_2334I really hate it for this guy because he’s one of the reason I decided to jump into podcasting (be on the looking out its on the way “The Ugly Reggie Show”). Now if he did do this then the law will do its job and I still wish nothing bad upon the young man but if he’s innocent fuck y’all that spoke ill of the brother! True enough a guy’s life was lost in process and there isn’t enough apologies in the world to bring him back but damn let’s let the law handle this



Porcha Henderson Co-founder of Capo Bella, Inc NPO. Radio Host. Brand Ambassador…Hits home with this message!!

We hear this all too much and it get hard but just think Walmart and Coca Cola had to start somewhere!! I’m rocking with her and everything she stands for plus she has strong Arkansas ties!! #WPS LOL