The only way to resolve the violence in Little Rock, Arkansas! New Murder Capital?

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I’m sure you’re expecting me to preach or be on some MLK shit about this situation but I’m not! Fuck the marching shit. It’s time we hold each other accountable for the shit that’s happening to people that look like us. How can we do this Reggie? Correcting ourselves first and foremost because how can tell someone to clean up if you’re still living dirty? Next step is to respectfully correct the people around you. Stop turning a blind eye to the shit your relatives and close friends are doing. We can’t let that slide anymore. Remember accountability? If we can start at home people will see this and become inspired to change or separate from us. Now our community we live in is what’s next. It takes a village to raise a child and we need to return to this teaching. The reason why children grow up to be misguided adults is rooted in their past. During the time they were young, the adults around them never took the time to expose the young mind to something it needed most and that’s love and attention. Role models are needed badly but parents need to lose this ” no one can’t say anything to my child but me” way of thinking. That mind set alone is killing us now! Some of you can remember growing up and not only do the adult you disrespected punished you when you got home you expected a follow-up. It’s much easier to retrain a child than an adult already set in their ways. Our youth want to listen but rarely do most of us listen! There was a bar in a song 2chainz wrote that stuck with me and I could totally relate to. The song is called “Feds Watching” it says “OG’s never fed us, now young niggas fed up“. There is the issue right there! The disconnection between the generations must come together. Now I understand times are somewhat different and you can’t allow everyone to place their hands on your child but there is some amazing and loving adult ready to guide and help water your child’s soul like a thirsty plant in dry heat during a long Arkansas summer. Let’s challenge these children’s mind instead of just physically with sports. Now back to role models we need men to stand up.  We understand the system isn’t made for us and all that other bullshit but we need to shine more light on the guys out here standing up. It’s more brother out here doing well then bad but the media can’t show that because we don’t want to hear that. Drama sells way better than peacefulness. Open communication needs to happen regularly amongst us with improvement because one without the other won’t work. I won’t go into the whole education conversation because we already know this so no point in beating a dead hoe. Also, the whole financial freedom speech we hear that all too often so I’m focusing on the moral compass should I say. Getting involved in each other’s lives are important while respecting personal space. These are just small steps to a brighter future we can work towards


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