The reason why we the blacks support Malik Monk so much!

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IMG_2389.PNGIt’s not just the fact alone he’s a young black man beating the stats but he’s from a small town. Lepanto, Arkansas! Yeah! I know very few know where this dot of a town is and don’t care to know! WE CARE BECAUSE THAT’S OUR AREA! I’m from Blytheville, Arkansas and rarely does positive shit happen where I’m from! Now don’t get me wrong there’s some great shit happening there but rarely it is in the news or media but if there is a drug bust trust me the state hears about it. So with that being said we see Monk in us. He knows our struggle coming from this area. Let’s be honest how many athletes you know come from Northeastern Arkansas? Thank God for Arkansas State University because if it wasn’t for their program most of our athletes wouldn’t see sports after high school. I understand a lot of frustration for University of Arkansas fans because most felt as if he’s led y’all on with the possibility of a commit but come on he’s a young man with a million people in his ear trying to make the best decision for his future. So can you really blame that? Of course you can! Y’all are perfect! lol


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