Why most Arkansas rappers & singers won’t make it major! And yea I dropped names!

Most of y’all fucking suck! There I said it! Yes it’s true I hate to break it to most of y’all..well no I don’t! This is not to insult anyone or to kill dreams. A lot of y’all don’t take your craft seriously and won’t step back to analyze your sound. Now the reason I’m speaking this is because I’m from Arkansas and I want better for us! Here’s a small piece of advice (Nigga I don’t have to listen to your link if I don’t want to) and why should I listen to you? Ask yourself these questions. I know for a fact we have amazing talent here and a damn great sound. The mindset has to change. Also NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! Move around the state and do free shows go support other artist showcase. I’m tired of listening to people crying and bitching about the support being low but they never support others themselves! I don’t know how many times I see people not sharing or retweeting others project but the person who they won’t retweet will have just shared their shit?!  Also we are not Atlanta! We are not Cali or Texas. I know it’s hard but let create our own sound. Another thing your talents will only get you so far. Just because you’re talent won’t make people listen to your music. What about your presentation? Visuals? The quality done with the mixing  and mastering of the song? Where can I find the music? How is your attitude or ego? Are you meeting with Djs in the club? What’s your budget? Is this really your dream or are you attempting to live someone else’s? These are important questions you must answer! Now if you’ve done all of these and you still haven’t made it then it’s time to look at other options. You may be a bomb ass producer or dope at management. You could look at promotion for music and help expose people to new music. It’s many ways to make it in the music game. Now before you get in your feelings like “Who the fuck is this nigga?” I’m in management myself! I own a company by the name of  #SMG ( Syndicate Music Group) been doing it for about 4 years now and when I say I’ve taken some dumb ass loses?! Hell we have lost more then we have won but with each lost we get amazing information on how we can do better and it keeps us humble.  The thing about this game that very few want to see is the struggle to get to where you want. See most have this idea of if you drop a hot ass mixtape or track and place it on social media or a streaming site that you will blow up and sometimes it does happen in very few cases but not most. No one wants to make the sacrifices of not having a social life or being able to chasing women or the local fame. We see the success of Future and the Migos and think we can blow up as well. With time my people! Listen I honestly don’t care if you believe shit I’m saying! Hell we need less rappers as it is! But below here’s my list of Arkansas rappers/singers  I fuck with heavy! Now I’m from Blytheville so just know I support my hometown unlike some of you hating bitches! lol If your name isn’t on this list hit me up and introduce yourself and put me on your music!

Temper Da Don..Danger…Jump Marley….Chris Echols…Mark Echols…Johnny Thomas (The light skin Keith Sweet)..Ykeedo…Invi…R.U.G…dj Replay…Giorgio V….Big ille…D Dirt…BossMan Trent…Jefe…Bam Roger…Bilbo…E-Shawty..LiveSosa…Freeza Boy…Dash Don…Grim Muzik…Juntao…StreetLife #600…Flipperachi…PootieTang….MenaceTooRaw…Sam Freeze…Merk..SouthSide Reggie….3jAY….Ace Dream…Ace Adams….




8 thoughts on “Why most Arkansas rappers & singers won’t make it major! And yea I dropped names!”

    1. Man sit yo lame hatin ass dwn sum wur!! Texarkana ain’t shit!! N I’m from ARKANSAS! 870 my area code look it up!

  1. Just bc someone say they running the city of Arkansas music wise they not…I commend every artist…from Arkansas to texarkana…I’m an Arkansas artist…and ppl may say I suck…but I’ve been on the radio..n atlanta..arkansas..memphis…Internet radio..been damn near signed twice by interscope..and warner bros…. “i blew both deals” been on spinrilla.. I may not be on my musical grind as hard others…but I go harder than most..no click..no entourage..jus me..but I network. and im confident enuff to look over the im the best rapper in arkansas type ppl…bc its always someone better…just b the best u know how to be…ive stayed in atlanta…philly..jersey..florida..ive been around..and no matter where u go…be humble..its always gon b somebody that fuk wit yo music..www.reverbnation.com/mtownmuzic

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